Father’s Day Weekend

We escaped to Big Bear for Father’s Day weekend to celebrate the man of my dreams, the father of our children, the love of my life. John lives and breathes our family. Everything he does, every decision he makes, and his hard work day after day is for us. He truly is the best human and we are luckiest to do life with him.

Happy Father’s Day Babe!! I love our family and I love you more than anyone could love anything.

*   *   *

Our family has always loved Big Bear–From the ride up the mountain, to the rehabilitation zoo, swimming in the lake, hiking, fishing, the cozy log cabins, the amazing restaurants (no one does breakfast better than Big Bear), and of course glow in the dark bowling in a red barn. I could go on, but seriously, how are we lucky enough to visit here so often? These are some of the photographs from our trip…