Sebastian’s Birth Story — Thousand Oaks Birth PHOTOGRAPHER

It is such joy to work with repeat clients. I had the honor of photographing this family at the beach a couple of months ago, which I still have not blogged! I know, I know. I will get to that, but first, I was so excited to document the birth of baby number three for this beautiful (inside and out) family. Stacey labored and gave birth at Push Midwifery in Thousand Oaks. I joined them at 2am, but baby Sebastian wouldn’t be ready to make his appearance until 8:07am. Stacey labored throughout the night and worked through her contractions like a warrior, relying on the support of her firefighter/paramedic husband, her midwife, Robyn, and her two sweet little boys, Nico and Marcus. Love, support, and words of encouragement surrounded her all night, and by morning she was ready to push. The support and love I witnessed between this family was so heartfelt that I found myself tearing up as I edited these birth photos. I loved seeing the family snuggle their sweet baby boy in the hours after birth. They are some of my all-time favorite photos. Stacey and Byron are such incredible parents, and their boys are so lucky to have them as mom and dad.