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here i am at the end of another film that chronicles the past year of life. moments of 2017 documented through the good and bad. being able to see our year fly by in a couple of minutes, and seeing all those little moments I had forgotten about – i feel humbled. perhaps this is because, until now, I have only been focusing on the fact that this was a particularly difficult year for us.

the first year i completed this project in 2013 i had no idea what an amazing gift i was giving myself. this project has become more than documenting our lives–it changes the decisions i make about how i spend my time. it has given me reason to stop and really see where i am. really see my children and my husband. it has inspired me to treasure everyday, even my worst days, because there are always beautiful moments hidden in the depths.

in continuing my yearly tradition (films from 2014, 2016) here is a collection of treasured memories from 2017…

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